Testimonial for James Pritchett, MD

“I suffered for three years with horrible right hip pain, had a right hip resurface 1/03/2011 left the hospital two days later walking with a walker for one day. I then used a cane for three days walking 2 miles finally in April worked up to 35 to 50 miles a week. I advised DR Pritchett I had run over 80,000 miles in my life, although 61 still wanted to run. He had me wait until labor day since then I run 3 miles EOD with no pain. I was advised in Tacoma to have a full hip and never run again, thanks Dr Pritchett for giving me my life back the way I want to live it! I am pictured in Salzburg Austria enjoying a PAIN FREE vacation. A little beer but no Advil since February!”

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