It’s Time to Get Back to Working, Playing and Living.

    "Dr. Angelo repaired my completely torn rotator cuff and I am now back to 100% of my previous activities; working out, golfing, hiking, snowboarding, swimming, everything outdoors I love to do."
    "I could not be more impressed with such a warm initial welcome from all the smiling faces. Extremely courteous individuals that have the talent to take the formality out of an office visit. I definitely felt the comfort of being treated like a member of the family rather than just a number with a certain appointment time."

    "This clinic always is on time for my appointments, with little to no wait time. I would highly recommend Dr. Clinton and ProOrtho to anyone needing this type of surgery."
    “I am very, very happy I chose Dr. Clinton to be my doctor for my pec repair. She and her assistant, Trisha, were very kind a professional in handling my needs before and after my surgery. Thanks.”
    "I have been Dr. Clinton’s patient for over a year. She has treated my fractured patella and broken clavicle. She is simply amazing."
    “I have had a great experience with Dr. Clinton. She is very informative and addressed all my needs with my knee surgery. I appreciate all she does for her patients.”

    "Dr Fuchs is easy to talk to. He takes time to answer any questions."
    "If you have muscle or joint issues I can't recommend Dr. Fuchs highly enough. If I could I would give him 6 stars."

    The most recent left shoulder injury is now back to normal (even stronger after all the rehab) due to your brilliant surgical skills.
    "I REALLY appreciated Dr. Gregush's honesty and integrity."

    "You showed your excellence by listening closely to what I was saying so we did not postpone looking for the real problem."
    "I can now wear shoes that could not wear before. I’m walking more straight and correctly. This surgery saved having further problems later down the line."
    "Dr. Hall was funny and very friendly. He made me feel very comfortable at each visit and with the decision for my surgery."
    "Dr. Hall was patient and took time to answer each and every question I had throughout the process and he was very reassuring."
    "My entire experience was far beyond my expectations. Dr. Hall was not only professional, he was personable as well."
    "Dr. Hall… wow… you put my toe back together when it was not looking like a toe should. I hope I never have toe surgery or other surgery again, but I’m glad to know that if something does happen to me (running does weird things to your knees I hear…. but not mine!) I know where I will go."

    "Recovery was fast and almost pain free. 2 years later my arm is without any pain of disability."
    "Dr. Koo is fantastic. He did my shoulder replacement surgery and already in less pain!"
    "Dr. Koo went above and beyond to even call me from Hawaii to reassure me. I am so pleased with my recovery. Dr. Koo is truly a gifted surgeon. I can’t thank him enough. His entire team is great to work with also."
    "Dr. Koo has been/is always a keen balance of professional + compassionate. He has my utmost trust + recommendation – the BEST!"
    "Dr. Koo is highly skilled, kind, and caring, accessible and concerned. Other medical professionals think he is top of the line, and they are right."

    "Dr. McAllister is a good doctor but also a good man, he is caring and very kind."
    "Excellent doctor who genuinely cares about his patients."

    "Dr. Nelson and staff: I just wanted to thank you for your help and compassionate care of my husband."
    "Dr. Nelson is one of the kindest, tender caring pain doctors I have ever met."

    "I wake up each and every day with a smile and will never take a single moment for granted. I truly have my life back and cannot thank Dr. Price enough!"
    "Amazing - not one pain pill was taken after surgery and never needed since! Scott Price is the best!"
    “Four months post-op for a 17mm herniated disc. Top of the world…or Colchuck Peak. Thanks Dr. Price.”

    "I have no pain and no worries. I can do anything I want. Thanks for everything Dr. Pritchett you were my last hope!"
    "I can do anything I want now including all my sports. You were the only one that had any experience with my problem and I am grateful for your creativity. I am coming back for my right side in a few months."
    "Dr. Pritchett: I wanted to let you know that I won a professional golf tournament just seven months after your resurfaced my shoulder. I had been told by several other surgeons that my career was over. I can't thank you enough. I am playing better than ever."
    "Thanks Dr. Pritchett for giving me my life back the way I want to live it! I am pictured in Salzburg Austria enjoying a PAIN FREE vacation. A little beer but no Advil since February!”
    "My wife and I have been cared for by Dr. James Pritchett, and we now have new hips and new life. He is as skilled a surgeon as one could ever hope to find. He is also been very responsive to our needs whenever we called upon him."

    "He never gave up when I was ready too. Thank you, Dr. Roberts, for all you did!"
    "Getting my shoulder back has given me my life back. I owe you guys big time."
    "Let's face it, no one likes to have surgery, but Dr. Roberts made it as comfortable and stress-free as possible."
    "He took the time to really listen to me and I really felt that I could trust his opinion."

    "His surgery was very successful and I am now thankfully pain-free."
    I am so appreciative for everything your team has done for me, you're all amazing!

    "All I can say is WOW!"
    "What an incredible journey this has been and I am so excited to look forward to a better quality of life."

    "SO thankful that you took a chance on me. You saved my life and I am forever grateful to you!"
    "I am enjoying this regimen and, so far, have not experienced any of the back pain that was so debilitating previously. On days when I start to drag during a long run, I remind myself of how fortunate I am to be able to run again, smile and carry on the rest of the run."
    "I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stone, Heather, and Proliance Surgeons to anyone I know that may need those services. I am so impressed, and grateful to Heather and Dr. Stone for taking such good care of me."
    "Thank you to everyone who works at ProOrtho… from the people at the front desk, to the people who take my phone calls, EVERYONE has been so wonderful. I have never felt so cared for in all of my life."

    "Dr. Wen and his staff were great. He spent a lot of time going over details of my tests and explained what was going on."
    "Dr. Wen has been doing a great job with my injections over several years."

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