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Overwhelmed by the thought of joint replacement? We know that researching your joint replacement options is extremely important. To assist with this process, we invite you to watch the four educational SwiftPath Method videos that we’ve linked to below at your leisure.

The SwiftPath Method is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art joint replacement program using proven methods and yielding great results.

Benefits of SwiftPath Include:

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Short hospital stays
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Low pain and narcotics use
  • Modern pain management
  • Quick rehabilitation
  • Low readmission rates
  • Successful outcomes

The below videos feature ProOrtho’s Dr. Craig McAllister, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of the SwiftPath Program as well as IRG Physical Therapy President, Shannon O’Kelley discussing everything you need to know about SwiftPath.

  • Video 1: Craig McAllister, MD discusses how the SwiftPath Method differs from the traditional approach to joint replacement. By combining state-of-the-art surgical techniques with modern pain management, patients enjoy better recovery with fewer narcotics and fewer complications. Hear from doctors across the country about how the SwiftPath Program is improving joint replacement care for their patients as well.
  • Video 2: Watch as Dr. McAllister and other surgeons focus on the important role of the patient and patient engagement. SwiftPath’s nationally-recognized cloud platform for patient engagement and home care is reviewed by doctors and patients.
  • Video 3: Dr. McAllister and others discuss modern pain management, the importance of minimally invasive surgical techniques and methods that reduce the need for narcotics after surgery. Shannon O’Kelley details the importance of an integrated, gentle approach to physical therapy.
  • Video 4: In this video, Shannon O’Kelley, Dr. McAllister and patients reveal the real outcomes of the SwiftPath Program for Joint Replacement.

If you have questions about the SwiftPath Program or joint replacement, give our Eastside Orthopedic clinics a call at 425.823.4000. Our orthopedic doctors offer the widest spectrum of surgical and non-surgical options paired with the most advanced technologies available. We specialize in hip arthroscopy, foot pain and more.

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