Testimonial for Addison Stone, MD

“I wanted to write to you to let you know of the extremely positive experience I just had with Proliance Surgeons due to Heather Mahmood and Dr Addison Stone.

I herniated a disk in my neck early September, and after an MRI later in September, was told that I should consult with a surgeon on the injury. I had no idea who to consult with, and luckily a co-worker of mine had just recently had neck surgery in July with Dr Stone, and was really happy with him. Relieved to have such a recommendation, I then asked to be referred to him. When I met with Dr Stone he was very professional, yet personable, and explained everything to me. He did not influence me one way or the other, and just explained to me what my options were based on the injury. I chose to have a
neck fusion.

Heather took over and got me scheduled for a surgery date that worked really well for me, and immediately emailed me the forms which explained in detail everything else I needed to know as far as the pre-surgery instructions, & post surgery care. I also emailed her several times with questions, and she always responded to me quickly. IN FACT, one time I emailed her on a SUNDAY; of course not expecting a response until a work day, and I received a response from her within an hour that same day! That’s amazing to me!

I just had the surgery 2 weeks ago, and had my follow up with Dr. Stone. My whole surgery experience was as positive as it could be. Dr Stone is a skilled surgeon, as my recovery was a piece of cake from the minute I woke up from surgery. I find it so unusual that a surgeon is skilled, and yet very personable. My sister and best friend had heart failure several times during my injury and surgery recovery, and Dr Stone was very empathetic about that.

I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stone, Heather, and Proliance Surgeons to anyone I know that may need those services. I am so impressed, and grateful to Heather and Dr. Stone for taking such good care of me.”

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