Testimonial for Addison Stone, MD

“My name is Dan Sullivan and I wanted to take a moment and provide some feedback based on my experience with Dr. Stone in June through September 2013. It’s naturally common for patients to solicit follow-up and ask questions and describe issues with their medical situation from their physician when things aren’t going so well. This email is just the opposite: I want to share my excellent health prognosis and say thanks to Dr. Stone for the amazing turnaround in my situation.

By way of background, I consulted Dr. Stone as I was suffering from severe back and sciatic pain as a result, it turned out, of a herniated disc. Shortly later, on June 11, 2013, Dr. Stone performed a microdiscectomy and within a few weeks, the pain was virtually gone. By September I was back to my normal physical activities and began to regain my fitness week-by-week. I was fortunate to be able to retire at the end of 2014 and turned 70 just about a year ago. One of my main goals in retirement was to focus on regaining, and retaining, my fitness and strength, which was significantly impacted for nearly two years due to complications of my back/sciatic pain.

Anyway, sometimes figures help paint a picture of a general pattern, so here goes:

1. I have run 224 times since September 2013, distances ranging from 2 to 5 miles (I started keeping track at the time and have just made a habit of it). In June 2016 I came in first in my age group in the Run of the Mill 5K.
2. I attend an intensive one-hour “boot camp” circuit training class twice a week, and have since late 2013.
3. I participate in yoga once a week (great for relaxation and stretching)
4. My wife and I take a 30-minute walk at least once a week
5. I do an 18-station weight training session at the YMCA about once a week
6. I bought a bicycle and during nice weather do a one-hour trail ride about once a week
7. I used to play golf a few times each summer, but now play once a week (given decent weather)

I am enjoying this regimen and, so far, have not experienced any of the back pain that was so debilitating previously. On days when I start to drag during a long run, I remind myself of how fortunate I am to be able to run again, smile and carry on the rest of the run. (As an aside, two other doctors who I consulted at the time suggested that I would probably not be able to run regularly ever again).

So, thanks, Dr. Stone – you can add one more to your list of happy (and healthy) patients!

Dan Sullivan”

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