Testimonial for Addison Stone, MD

About 3 years ago I sat in your office in horrible pain! I had seen over 20 surgeons who all told me “nothing was wrong” with me. I knew my body and I knew something WAS wrong. I sat in your office and after about 20 minutes you told me that you would be willing to take a chance on me. Before going into surgery, just as you were about to wheel me in, you asked me what was one thing I wanted to do that I couldn’t…and I told you I wanted to run a 5k because I had never been able to! I don’t like running…at all…but I wanted to reach that goal because I COULD, even if I wouldn’t enjoy it. You told me that you wanted to see a photo of that finish line. Once I hit my two-year surgery mark…I started working with a trainer and this past Saturday he was there at the finish line waiting to take this picture of me. I ran the whole thing and all my friends and family were at the finish line cheering me on. Considering I could hardly walk stairs or lift a milk carton just 3 years ago, this was a miracle for me and I thought of you as soon as I crossed the line. SO thankful that you took a chance on me. You saved my life and I am forever grateful to you! Here is the picture! Thank you for helping me to be able to do the things I once thought would never be possible!!!

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